Office Relocation Tips

We have put together a list of ten useful tips to keep in mind when looking at relocating to another office.

1. Start your planning early. In our experience the typical time from lease negotiations to move in takes 12 to 18 months.

2. Consider engaging the services of a commercial property agent who will assist you in finding new premises and act on your behalf to ensure your best interests are being looked after.

3. Get the right team together, as early as possible. This should include a competent space planner and project manager.

4. Use the relocation exercise to review your business and to plan ahead. Future head counts at this stage are vital so that you have enough space and all your services are in the right location.

5. Establish a realistic budget for the move and ensure funding is available.

6. If you are altering the means of escape to your new office by installing partitioning etc, make sure you make a Building Regulations application to the Local Authority or an approved inspector.

7. Remember you will also need to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Business Designs may be able to assist with this, or you can engage the services of an independent fire risk assessment provider.

8. Order your ISDN 30 (BT) for your new office early. This can take up to 6 weeks to arrange and can cause a serious delay to your move if not ordered in time.

9. At a minimum order plenty of crates or preferably use the services of a commercial removals company. The will allow you to concentrate on seamlessly running your business instead of hiring vans or using your staff to move their belongings to your new space (yes this does happen!).

10. Expect that things won’t necessarily go exactly according to plan, so have procedures in place to deal with the unexpected.

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