Office Partitioning Check List

When deciding on office partitioning, various factors need to be considered. Here is our office partition check list..

Consider the purpose of the wall. Is it purely aesthetic or will it be used to create corridors, offices and meeting room space?  Each application will use varying amounts of solid and glazed panels that may or may not require fire rating.  In addition, in areas of high traffic, consider paint finishes that can be touched up with ease, or more durable fabric backed vinyl.

Sound. The sound attenuation of solid panels will be better than glazed. 6mm toughened glass will offer attenuation in the region of 25dB, whereas a plasterboard module will offer 39dB. Further improvements can be achieved by adding insulation to the void of any solid panels and “double boarding” with sound boards. To achieve better performance from glazing, use enhanced sound glass or 10mm, 11mm or 12mm toughened glass. Yet further sound improvements can be achieved by considering sound insulation above the partition in any ceiling void or below in any raised access floor space.

Consider how much glass is needed. Glass is the more expensive way of partitioning an office whilst offering less acoustic reduction than solid panels of plasterboard construction. In addition, if you chose to opt for glass only, remember that some solid panels may still be necessary to accommodate wall protrusions and light switches.  In addition, you may need manifestations or signage on the glass to comply with Equalities Act 2010 and Health & Safety requirements.

Budget. The following may prove useful as a guide to setting your budget. Figures are based on an assumed ceiling height of 2400mm and a ground floor installation:

Type of Partition

Average Price per linear metre/item (exc. VAT)

Solid single boarded with PVC skirting


Single glazed full height


Double glazed full height (6mm toughened glass)


Door with solid panel over 


10mm toughened single glazed frameless glass


10mm toughened double glazed frameless glass



  • Building Regulations. Generally, as any installation of partitioning will be altering the means of escape, a Building Regulations application should be submitted to the Local Authority or an Approved Inspector, prior to installation.

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