Mezzanine Floor Basics

A mezzanine floor is quite simply a grid of steel columns supporting beams that are spanned with a network of purlins. This structure is then diagonally braced and most often fitted with 38mm chipboard as a deck.  Access to the mezzanine is usually via a staircase designed and installed with the mezzanine itself.

Mezzanine floors offer a practical useful way of making more of the space you have available. On a number of occasions, we have found the installation of a mezzanine has precluded the need for our client to move to larger premises, thus offering considerable cost savings.

Mezzanine floors have a number of applications:

  • Additional storage
  • Additional office space
  • Additional showroom / retail space

In its simplest form no fire protection is required. however, dependant on intended use, columns may need encasing and the underside of the floor protected from fire via a fire rated suspended ceiling / plasterboard / supalux. A fire system may also be required.


Design and Installation Procedure

Once the purpose of the mezzanine has been decided, and a following survey completed, a design will be put together encompassing desired column locations, spacings and an average load calculation will be applied (3.6 kN/M2 minimum for offices and 4.8kN/M2 for storage). This will produce a tailored design solution and costing.

In our experience, we have found that the specification of a non-bounce design is particularly beneficial in the creation of mezzanine floors for office environments.

Installation is generally straight forward with a small to medium size mezzanine floor taking 2 days to install. 

Don’t forget that the mezzanine floor design will need to be subject to a Building Regulations application. You may also need to submit the scheme for planning as you may be increasing the number of people that are visiting your building.

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