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Starting in February 2014, as part of one of our client’s design, fit out and expansion programme, we began upgrading their lighting from traditional Category 2 fluorescent type, to ultra modern Rebus LED fittings.

There are a number of advantages to the LED type:

  • They are slimmer / less deep than their predecessor
  • They offer power savings IN EXCESS of 80%
  • Savings are significant and a ROI can be expected in around 4 years
  • They last in excess of 40,000 hours before panels need changing, resulting in reduced maintenance costs
  • In turn, the dilemma of whether to replace single fluorescent fittings one at a time or entire floor areas (and dispose of perfectly good tubes) is avoided

LED technology has been available for a number of years, however it is only more recently that it has been accepted that it has developed sufficiently to satisfy the stringent requirements of the typical office worker.

Initially we installed just a small number of fittings to determine feedback – in comms areas and teapoints. Immediately upon walking in to the LED lit space, you were aware that the light looked different, possibly a little brighter but more white, evenly spread, with far less shadow and contrast. After 2 weeks we returned to gauge opinion from management and staff and it was entirely positive with a desire from all concerned to proceed quickly to the next phase of implementation.

The next thing we did was install lighting in one corner of the office over approximately four workstations and again waited for several weeks to return to determine feedback. All four members of staff were very pleased with the quality of the light and of particular note was the reduction in glare enjoyed the staff concerned.

After further consultation, it was agreed LED lighting would be rolled out as part of the refitting programme along with PIR operated sensors, to maximise power savings.

The refurbishment programme has now been completed and as yet, not a single complaint has been received (the same can’t be said when Cat 2 fittings were in place) and feedback remains very positive.

From an aesthetic perspective, the installation can only be regarded as a big success. The real proof in the lighting pudding, will be when we measure the power consumption of the lighting circuit, so that we can compare this to that drawn prior to the upgrade. This we intend to do very soon and an update to this article will follow. Watch this space.

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