Avanti Office Partitioning

Avanti partitioning has been incredibly popular over the last two decades. One of the most popular ranges has been Designer 80, a very attractive 3” partitioning system with unique door, window frame and skirting details.

The system offers:

  • Standard and full height door options
  • Single and double glazed window modules that can be fitted with integral blinds or frosted film manifestations
  • Wide range of powder coated finishes
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Surprising value for money

You’ll know you have Avanti, when you see the name in the lockbox of the doorframe.

We have an extensive knowledge of the product and are often able to match installations from many years ago!

If you have a requirement for Avanti Partitioning and in particular Designer 80, please call us on 0800 019 7309 for details.

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